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Our Mission & Vision

With a vision to provide a platform for the common people to do business without any hustle of work, we would like to introduce you with a unique plan. Global Indian Goat Farming provides you a chance to earn profits from goat farming – an unexplored field in India. Goat farming comes hand in hand with high demands, golden opportunities, high profits and highly recognised medical benefits, thus providing you a canvas to print your dreams. Our only mission is to produce high quality, far growing, genetically superior breeding stock and help each other in our own individual growth. With very little terms and conditions and transparency in process, this is a rare opportunity to grasp on to. Welcome to the journey towards the peak and count on us to help you on the way.
Values: Reliability, Loyalty, Honesty, Environmentalism, Commitment, Consistency, Integrity, Teamwork, Customer Service, Togetherness and Enthusiasm.
Vison: Design and create a new Global platform that maximize business opportunities for people in India.

Our Goal

Sirohi Bakra Farm opens a world of goat farming products – with new possibilities for more efficient, sustainable and profitable goat meat and milk production. We are working keeping future trends in mind. Goat farming is definitely will be the farming of future. We don’t know how world will look tomorrow? How are markets evolving? How can we provide sustainable food to the growing population? No doubt that simple stomach animals like poultry and swine are food competitor for humans and we cant feed them for indefinite period of time but small ruminants could be choice of animals for future farming and we have to develop it. We are discovering what drives markets starts with asking the right questions. It’s the only way for us to prepare for new challenges. This knowledge portal, dedicated to goat farming, is the first step towards change and reconstruction of this potent sector.

Dedicated Staffs

Well-maintained Stalls

Healthy Bucks

We have dedicated staffs, who work towards ensuring our bucks’ good health. Our staffs make sure that the bucks receive proper nutrition and they get the required vaccination. Through such practices, we see to it that our bucks remain immune against all kinds of diseases.

Our stalls are well maintained and regular surveillance of our stalls by experts makes sure that we do not lack in any aspect in keeping a clean and a healthy environment for our bucks. The stalls, which our bucks inhabit, are quite spacious and well equipped.

We supply only healthy and disease free bucks to customers. We take every necessary step to maintain our bucks’ health and we provide them regular medical treatments for the same. During seasons of the flu, we take extra care to keep our bucks unaffected by the flu.